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Bad Dental Health and Heart Disease

Bad Dental Health and Heart DiseaseThe link between poor oral health and heart disease risk has been explored by several studies in recent years. Although researchers have not claimed that death from heart disease directly results from dental problems, bad oral health can increase the systemic inflammation that researchers have repeatedly connected to heart health risks. Here is more current information on this connection.

Gum Disease and Heart Disease

Advanced periodontal disease involves a major infection of the gums and soft tissues that support the teeth. Like other infections, gum disease triggers inflammation marked by higher levels of C-reactive protein, a substance that also has been found at increased levels in people with heart disease. Importantly, this substance may boost risk of heart attack. One study examined the relationship between tooth loss and heart disease and found that people missing all of their teeth had more than twice the risk of heart disease compared to those who still had all of their teeth.


Dental Hygiene and Heart Health Risks

People who have higher risks of heart attack because of heart murmurs, mechanical heart valves, heart defects or vascular disease should take extra care of their teeth and notify our dentist before all treatments. By prescribing antibiotics to these patients before and after dental procedures, our dentist can help reduce risks of heart problems from any oral bacteria that enter the blood stream.

With effects on heart health in addition to appearance and oral functionality, dental health is an important component of overall wellness. Patients can schedule a consultation with our expert in dental exam in West Hollywood to learn more about this connection.

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