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Dental Bonding

Dental BondingOur dentist in West Hollywood believes that everyone should have a smile they love. This does not only mean that their smile is healthy, but also that it looks great. For patients with minor imperfections in their smiles, our dentist often recommends dental bonding, a simple cosmetic dental procedure that can correct a wide range of aesthetic issues.

Dental bonding procedures use a small amount dental-grade resin to fill in chips, cracks, gaps, stains, or other issues and sculpt the patients tooth into the perfect shape. Our expert in dental bonding in West Hollywood is an artist that can create the perfectly shaped and contoured smiles that are unique to every one of our patient’s desires.

The process begins with Our West Hollywood dental bonding expert creating a surface on the tooth that the bond will adhere to. They do this by applying an etching solution that will lightly create texture in the tooth’s enamel. A resin that can take any shape is then applied to the tooth so the dentist can begin the reshaping process. The resin that is used can be perfectly colored to match the exact shade of the patient’s own natural teeth for a seamless finished product.

Dental Bonding West Hollywood

The resin that is used is soft so that our expert in dental bonding in West Hollywood can sculpt it. Once applied to the teeth, it becomes very hard and durable after a special light is shined onto the bond to activate the hardening chemicals. This allows the dental bonding to stand up to all the daily stress a tooth must endure.

Almost any patient with good oral health can be a candidate for dental bonding procedure. Even patients who do not qualify for many other dental procedures because of diabetes or other diseases can use dental bonding to fix their flawed smiles.

If you are interested in using dental bonding to enhance the appearance of your smile, contact our West Hollywood dental bonding expert today to schedule a consultation.

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