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Dental Exam and X-Rays

Dental Exam and X-RaysThe American Dental Association advises that everyone should receive a dental checkup at least twice a year and it can be very beneficial to do so for many reasons. Some patients who are more at risk for oral health problems may need to schedule these visits even more frequently. Our expert in dental exam in West Hollywood can use these exams to determine whether you need any further procedures performed to treat cavities or other issues, diagnose problems such as periodontal disease before it becomes more serious, and perform professional cleanings to keep teeth healthy and strong.

Dental X-Rays West Hollywood

Our West Hollywood dental X-rays expert takes X-rays during every checkup they perform because it is the best way to visualize the entire structure of the patient’s mouth, including the tooth roots and the jaw bone. Our expert in dental X-rays in West Hollywood can diagnose many problems that could otherwise go unnoticed by examining the X-rays that are taken.

A prophylaxis cleaning is also performed by our West Hollywood dental exam expert during every dental checkup. Brushing and flossing alone cannot remove bacteria from the hardest to reach places, and such basic oral hygiene practices are unable to remove tartar at all because it is extremely hard. These cleanings are able to scrape away this hard, damaging substance from above and below the gum line to prevent dental decay from occurring.

Dental Exam West Hollywood

A dental exam is also designed to diagnose problems early so that they can be taken care of while still in the most treatable stage. Such dental issues, when treated early, can save the patient money and keep them from having to undergo even more invasive treatments. For example, our dentist in West Hollywood is able to treat gingivitis quite easily, but if it is left untreated for a long period of time, it could progress to periodontitis which can cause extensive damage to the patient’s gums and teeth.

If you have not had your teeth examined in over six months, your oral health could be in danger and you might not even know it. Contact our office to schedule your appointment today where we will take X-rays and perform a professional cleaning.

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