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Does Gum Disease Cause Bad Breath?

Does Gum Disease Cause Bad Breath

Bad breath is actually a medical condition known as halitosis. You may be surprised to learn that gum disease, both gingivitis and periodontitis, is the second most common cause of halitosis. In fact, some dentists say that the odor caused by gum disease is so specific, they are able to identify it before they even begin their evaluation. Gingivitis is found in patients of all ages who have neglected proper dental health, whereas periodontitis is more common in older patients (those about thirty-five and older). So it is possible that those with halitosis at any age could be suffering from gum disease.

Why Gum disease causes bad breath:

It is important to remember that microorganisms in your mouth are, in a very real way, alive. And part of being alive is getting rid of waste. Unfortunately, for these microorganisms, the only place to dispose of the waste they create is your mouth. This waste causes sulfur compounds. The by-products created by these microorganisms and the inflammation they’ve cause also result in sulfur compounds. It is these sulfur compounds that make breath smell awful.

These sulfur compounds can be found in different areas of the mouth, including film found on the tongue. Studies show that those who require periodontal treatments have a greater amount of film hosting sulfur compounds – four times greater.

To avoid halitosis brought on by gum disease, such as gingivitis and periodontitis, be sure to maintain a healthy dental routine, including regular brushing, flossing, and consistent visits to your dentist.

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