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Foods That Can Boost Dental Health

Foods That Can Boost Dental HealthDiscussions of food and dental health often focus on which foods are bad for teeth. In some cases, however, foods can actually help your teeth stay healthy. Here is a look at some of the best items to include in your diet to support your dental health.

Coffee and Tea

Both of these beverages are rich in polyphenols, which have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Furthermore, both black and green tea contain fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral that promotes strong tooth enamel. Of course, putting sugar in those drinks may counter some of the benefits.

Red Meat

Chewing red meat can provide a workout for your gums, but foods in this category also directly benefit tooth enamel. Thanks to its high phosphorus content, red meat helps supply the ongoing repair of teeth by the body.

Red Wine

Research has shown that red wine is effective at reducing levels of cavity-causing oral bacteria. Although the alcohol in wine is partly responsible for its oral benefits, polyphenols in the beverage also promote healthy teeth.

Xylitol-Sweetened Candy

Xylitol, a sugar-free sweetener, benefits teeth in two main ways: Not only does it reduce levels of bad oral bacteria, but it also boosts remineralization of tooth enamel.


Cheese is full of calcium, a primary mineral used to repair tooth enamel. At the same time, the alkalinity of cheese helps prevent tooth erosion by neutralizing acids in the mouth.

By eating the foods listed here and limiting your consumption of sugary foods, you can support your smile and potentially reduce your need for dental care later. You can schedule a consultation with our dentist in West Hollywood to learn more about the best foods for your teeth.


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