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Foods that Leave Stains on the Teeth

Foods that Leave Stains on the Teeth

Tooth stains are a problem no one is immune to, which is why teeth whitening is a booming industry. This includes chairside services, take-home products administered by a dentist, and over-the-counter products you get yourself. But before you get to the whitening stage, you can take steps to minimize stains. Mostly it’s just watching what you eat and drink.

Stain-Heavy Foods

There are diets tailor-made for tooth staining, and this doesn’t even include smoking. Some of the worst foods include: berries, soy sauce, curry, and extremely spicy foods that may cause the teeth to become more porous. When this happens, the enamel degenerates and allows color to penetrate the deeper layers of the tooth. This turns an extrinsic stain (outside the tooth) into an intrinsic stain (inside the tooth)

Stain-Heavy Drinks

Red wine, coffee, tea, and soda are all at the top of the list. Most people ingest at least two of the four frequently, so stains can add up. Do yourself a favor and rinse after drinking a high staining agent. Drinking water in general is a strong resource against staining, since a surprise contributor to tooth stains is a dry mouth.

Tobacco Products

The number of new smokers may be dwindling, but there are still enough to sustain a gigantic global market. Every smoker or user of tobacco products is more at risk to tooth stains, as nicotine produces a notorious yellow shade.

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