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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth ReconstructionWhen a person’s teeth are damaged so badly that a simple dental procedure is not enough to correct the problem, a full mouth reconstruction may be needed. A full mouth reconstruction is often required for people who have been affected by impact trauma from a car accident or other unfortunate event, or by those with infections such as tooth decay and periodontal disease that have reached more advanced stages. Our West Hollywood full mouth reconstruction expert combines one or more extensive dental procedures to create a treatment plan custom designed to rebuild a patient’s oral health.

The extent of the damage to the patient’s teeth will determine the amount of work required by our expert in full mouth reconstruction in West Hollywood. Any healthy remaining teeth could be used as anchor points from which to begin the restoration. If the remaining teeth are not in good health they may require extraction in order for the dentist to proceed.

Full Mouth Reconstruction West Hollywood

Our West Hollywood full mouth reconstruction expert often combines several different dental procedures including dental implants, crowns, bridges, and dental veneers. Existing healthy teeth may need to be realigned with orthodontic treatment or capped off to protect them from further damage. Teeth that have succumb to tooth decay or periodontal disease may require procedures such as a root canal or scaling and root planing.

While our expert in full mouth reconstruction in West Hollywood knows that these are extensive procedures that can even include surgery, it is often the only method to completely restore oral function and health and to prevent further damage in the future. Without a full mouth reconstruction, many of these patients would fall victim to problems with swallowing and speaking. The recovery time from a full mouth reconstruction will depend on the procedures that were performed as part of the treatment. These times can range from several days to several months and, in the case of orthodontic treatment, sometimes more than a year.

If your mouth has been badly damaged due to an accident or disease, contact our West Hollywood cosmetic dentist today to schedule your consultation to find out how we can help.

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