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Habits that Can Damage Your Teeth

Habits that Can Damage Your Teeth

Taking care of your teeth is an around-the-clock job if you want to be really vigilant. Falling asleep without brushing your teeth is bad, and so is not doing it when you wake up. Eating acidic foods, or foods that require a lot of bite force, are also a constant reality. You can minimize your stress, and your dentist’s workload, by recognizing habit-forming behavior, and amending it with healthy choices.

Oral Fixations

Lifelong nail-biters are putting not just their manicures at risk, but their jaw function. The pressurized angle at which the nail-biter holds her jaw can cause permanent damage over time. If you have a nail-biting issue, ask your therapist for pointers. Or if you’re not in therapy, try to have your hands literally full in situations you think might be triggering.

Wine and Fruit Smoothies

Due to their high acid content, both red and white wines can erode tooth enamel. This is apart from their high-stain output. Fruit smoothies, like sodas, temporarily bury the teeth in sugar. Rinse with water after drinking wine or smoothies, and always use a straw with smoothies to cut back on direct sugar exposure.


After all the decades of anti-nicotine research, this one should go without saying. If you smoke, expect tooth staining even from the more conscious cigarette brands. Tobacco products also abrade the enamel and can increase your risk of oral cancer.

A final pointer that could secretly save your teeth from a lot of unnecessary attrition: don’t brush immediately after meals. Doing so can push any acids deeper into the teeth and cause serious harm to the enamel.

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