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Habits that Hurt Your Teeth

Habits that Hurt Your Teeth

It is well-known that a sugary diet and minimal brushing and flossing can cause dental problems, but a variety of other habits can also hurt teeth. By familiarizing yourself with the following habits and avoiding them, you can help keep your teeth healthy in order to potentially minimize your dental treatment costs.

Exposing Your Teeth to Acids

Enamel consists of minerals that can be eroded away with regular exposure to sugary or acidic foods and drinks. Carbonated soft drinks that are rich in carbonic, citric and phosphoric acids have been shown to erode teeth 10 times as badly as fruit juice. This erosion can lead to cavities, which are fueled by the sugar that these drinks often contain. Sour fruits, such as lemons and pineapples, can also damage teeth, as they are high in acidity.

Thumb Sucking

Many younger children consistently engage in thumb sucking to reduce discomfort caused by the arrival of baby teeth. Yet, some kids continue this habit even as permanent teeth begin to erupt. In these cases, the permanent teeth may erupt out of alignment and require orthodontic treatment to correct.

Tooth Abuse

The hardness and convenience of front teeth makes them tempting tools for opening products, such as bags and bottles. Unfortunately, teeth are not designed to withstand these activities. Damage caused by these habits often involves tooth breakage, but jaw fractures can also occur.

If you suspect that bad habits have already hurt your teeth, schedule a dental exam right away. Our dentist can recommend restorative and cosmetic treatments if damage is present. At a consultation with our dentist, you can learn more about habits you should avoid in order to protect your teeth.


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