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Hollywood Smiles

Hollywood SmilesPatients who want world-class Hollywood smiles can visit our cosmetic dentist for a wide range of procedures that will transform their teeth. With options available to whiten teeth, improve tooth shape and hide physical imperfections of all kinds, there is no reason for patients to live with smiles that do not make them happy. Here is more about how our dentist helps patients look their best.

Individual Procedures Available

Our dentist provides treatments that can be used alone or in combination for amazing effects. To turn superficially stained teeth brilliant again, our dentist offers teeth whitening and Zoom whitening. Veneers offer concealment of not only internal discoloration but also physical damage, malformation and improper spacing. Crowns, another option, can be used to cap unsightly teeth and preserve their structure in case of damage. For true Hollywood smiles, our dentist also offers dental implants, the most reliable method of tooth replacement.

Unique Treatment Plans

Our dentist creates unique plans for all patients, ensuring that treatment recommendations line up with their expectations. When multiple forms of correction are required, our dentist may recommend a Smile Makeover that includes multiple treatments performed in a series of appointments. Each case is different, and our dentist is experienced at helping patients get the results they need to have Hollywood smiles. In some cases, restorative treatments or orthodontics may be used alone or together with cosmetic solutions.

Hollywood smiles are easy to get at our office, along with personalized treatment recommendations offered in a warm atmosphere. Depending on individual needs, patients may require one or several procedures to achieve the look they want. With treatments such as veneers, which offer flexible cosmetic enhancement, patients can often change their smiles for the better in surprisingly little time. To learn more about smile enhancement options and discuss candidacy, patients can schedule a consultation with our cosmetic dentist.

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