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How Periodontal Health Can Improve Diabetes Control

How Periodontal Health Can Improve Diabetes Control

Research in recent years has linked periodontal health with several health outcomes. When chronic gum disease is present, patients are at higher risk of several conditions. This also means that healthier gums may support better overall health. Here is more about this connection and what it means for patients.

Link Between Diabetes and Periodontitis

Periodontitis involves inflammation, which results in higher levels of inflammatory substances throughout the body. Researchers have found that people who have diabetes are at higher risk of gum disease. Meanwhile, the reverse is also true. In diabetic patients, the presence of gum disease results in more problems keeping blood glucose under control because the body cannot use insulin as easily.

Implications for Patients

Patients with diabetes should take extra care of their gums to control their risk of gum disease. Extra dedication to diet and daily oral hygiene is warranted. At least twice each year, patients should receive check-ups and professional cleanings. When patients have active gum disease, our dentist may recommend additional measures to be taken, such as deep cleaning or other periodontal treatments.

In addition to heart disease and dementia, diabetes seems to be affected by gum disease. When patients have diabetes and gum disease, they can help keep their diabetes under control by caring for their teeth and gums. Standard recommendations for biannual check-ups may be sufficient, but more frequent exams may also be advised depending on oral health history. Patients can schedule a consultation with our dentist to learn about how periodontal care can promote their overall wellness.

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