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How Soda Can Damage Your Teeth

How Soda Can Damage Your Teeth

Nothing refreshes quite like a tall, frosty soda, but recent studies have linked soda with kidney problems, obesity, high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. Now there is another reason to skip these fizzy drinks: dental problems. According to one study, soda and battery acid may be equally destructive to teeth. In fact, the damage begins just minutes after taking your first sip.

Several things combine to lead to this damage. Soda is full of phosphoric acid, which is also used in dental offices to scour enamel. When you drink soda, your teeth are being bathed in phosphoric acid, which erodes the enamel from your teeth. This allows the dyes in the soda to penetrate your teeth and leave stains. Finally, regular sodas also contain sugar. Sugar alone does not cause cavities, but it feeds the bacteria in your mouth, which are responsible for cavities. The sugar, acid and dyes combine to create one seriously tooth-toxic blend.

How can you protect your teeth? The best way is to skip soda entirely. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to give up their favorite carbonated beverages. If you are among that group, limit your consumption as much as possible, and use a straw, which minimizes contact between your teeth and the soda. Avoid energy drinks, power drinks and fruit juices, too, since they also contain potent acids and large amounts of sugar.

For a flavorful fizzy drink that satisfies your cravings without melting your teeth, try mixing seltzer with a splash of fruit juice. You can also infuse regular water with bits of fruit or herbs. Berries, citrus wedges, melon balls, cucumber slices and mint leaves can all be tasty choices. Milk is also a good choice because it can help rebuild the enamel on your teeth with bone-hardening calcium and enamel. Call us today to learn more or to schedule your appointment with our West Hollywood dentist.


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