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How Tooth Loss Affects Memory

how tooth loss affects memoryYour teeth serve a vital purpose in your ability to eat and speak. Even losing just one tooth can affect your speech or what you can and cannot eat. But studies have shown that losing even a single tooth can have far-reaching consequences. According to a study published by the European Journal or Oral Sciences, people who have fewer natural tests performed worse on memory tests than people who have all their teeth. These results are in line with previous studies performed on animals. All of this indicates that there is a link between loss of teeth and cognitive function.

For the study in question, scientists examined 273 people who were age 55 or older and found a significant relationship between the number of teeth they had and the results on memory tests. Although it is unclear exactly how the two are related, researchers have several theories. One theory is that losing natural teeth reduces sensory signals to the brain, which affects its functions such as memory. Prosthetic teeth provided by an expert in dental implants in West Hollywood can help with eating and speaking, but they lack the nerves and ligaments that attach teeth to the jaw and send signals to the brain.

Another theory is that since gum disease commonly leads to tooth loss, it also leads to neuronal death and memory loss. A third theory is that patients who have lost multiple teeth have difficult eating certain foods. As a result, people with missing teeth may avoid foods that contain essential nutrients to good memory function.

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