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Link between Drinking Coffee and Reduced Risk of Oral Cancer

Link between Drinking Coffee and Reduced Risk of Oral Cancer

Researchers have recently discovered a lower risk of oral cancer in people who drink coffee regularly. The new findings add to a list of health benefits that are attributed to this antioxidant-rich beverage, including lower risks of heart failure and diabetes. Here is more about this research and its implications for dental patients.

Published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, research from the American Cancer Society of Atlanta drew its conclusions from a study of cancer incidences in 968,432 participants. No participants had any signs of cancer when the study began almost 30 years ago, but 868 of those people have died from oral cancer in the years since. Coffee consumption was recorded, and researchers found that people drinking at least four cups of coffee per day had half the risk of death from oral cancer when compared to those who were only occasional coffee drinkers. These results are most likely related to the rich blend of polyphenols and other antioxidants that are present in the drink.

It is important to note that this study can only find an association, not cause and effect, between coffee drinking and lower oral cancer risks. Future studies may clarify and confirm the link, though. In the meantime, patients can continue to enjoy coffee and remember that many of its other benefits have already been proven.

Other research has found that coffee reduces the risk of tooth decay. From this information, it is clear that drinking coffee can be a valuable addition to brushing, flossing and checkups from our dentist for promotion of robust oral and overall health.


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