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Link Between Periodontal Disease and Bowel Cancer

Link Between Periodontal Disease and Bowel CancerGum disease is a common oral health problem, and millions of Americans will suffer from it at some point. It occurs as a result of an over accumulation of bacteria in the mouth, and this bacteria infects the gum tissue and leads to inflammation. The common warning signs of periodontal disease are bleeding gums, loose teeth, halitosis, and swelling in the gums. Seeing our expert in periodontal treatments in West Hollywood is highly beneficial to your dental health, but proper treatment can have far more advantages than you probably realize.

An infection in the mouth can enter the bloodstream and infect other parts of the body, including the bowel. And ultimately, it can contribute to colorectal cancer. A bacteria called Fusobacterium nucleatum can attach to colon cells and trigger a sequence of events that can lead to colon cancer. Although this sounds like a frightening prospect, this knowledge allows dental professionals to know to check for colon cancer if you have a severe case of gum disease. And it allows dentists to know how to treat periodontal disease.

The best course of action to take with gum disease is to prevent it all together. You should brush and floss your teeth every day and schedule routine examinations with your dentist so that any issues can be detected early. If you have a mild case of gum disease, it can often be treated with a professional dental cleaning or a scaling and root planing procedure. More severe cases of gum disease will often necessitate actual surgery.

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