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Lumineers Los Angeles

LumineersVeneers are chosen by many cosmetic dental patients who want to permanently conceal tooth discoloration or flawed tooth structure. Today, patients also have the option for a newer type of veneers known as Lumineers. In addition to offering improved durability and appearance over their conventional counterparts, Lumineers are easier to place. Here is more about this treatment from our Los Angeles Lumineers expert, including its benefits and who can receive it.


Like traditional porcelain veneers, Lumineers are thin shells that are bonded over the fronts of the teeth. However, Lumineers are thinner and more translucent. Having a lower profile means that less enamel will be removed before placement. As a result, placement is more tolerable for patients and does not make removal problematic later. Cracks, chips, internal discoloration and bad shapes or spacing can all be hidden with Lumineers by our expert in Lumineers in Los Angeles.


Los Angeles Lumineers

Patients have bite impressions and X-rays taken at their initial appointment so that the Lumineers can be personalized. This information is sent to the lab where the Lumineers are made. At the next appointment, our Los Angeles Lumineers expert places the Lumineers on the teeth, checking for fit along the way, and then bonds the veneers in place permanently.


Patients who are unhappy with how their teeth look may benefit from Lumineers. However, patients who grind their teeth, have major bite irregularities, or suffer from widespread tooth decay may not be good candidates for this treatment. In some cases, patients may require dental restorations before they can get this treatment from our expert in Lumineers in Los Angeles. For patients who grind their teeth, mouth guards may be recommended to protect the Lumineers during sleep.


Proper care at home and regular check-ups at our office are essential for maximizing the life of Lumineers, which can last for 20 years or longer. Although Lumineers are resistant to stains, patients should limit their exposure to potential sources of discoloration to preserve their new smile. Patients can schedule a consultation with our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist to learn more about this treatment and its advantages in comparison to traditional veneers.

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