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Porcelain Dental Crowns Los Angeles

Porcelain Dental Crowns Los AngelesDental crowns are among the most common treatments used in both restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Crowns may be used to cover damaged teeth or replace teeth that are missing, as they are customized in terms of color and structure to match the surrounding teeth. In many cases, crowns are used to achieve both restoration and cosmetic improvement of a tooth that has been severely affected by decay or trauma. Here is a deeper look at porcelain crowns and the many ways in which they may be used by our Los Angeles dental crowns expert.

Crowns are commonly called caps, because they completely cover the teeth they are used to treat. Onlays can cover the entire chewing surfaces and veneers hide the fronts of teeth, whereas crowns perform both of these functions. Porcelain crowns are thicker than veneers and may be preferred in situations where a defect cannot be hidden effectively by the latter option. They also offer excellent durability and resistance to stains. Overall, porcelain crowns can last for decades when patients care for them properly using a daily brushing and flossing routine and by attending regular check-ups by our Los Angeles porcelain crowns expert.

Los Angeles Porcelain Dental Crowns

Although crowns can also be made of metal, porcelain crowns are preferred for the front teeth to preserve the smile. Teeth may be restored with crowns if they have cracks, major chips or heavy stains. After performing root canal treatment, our expert in dental crowns in Los Angeles may recommend porcelain crowns to help guard against re-infection, while returning appearance to normal. Porcelain crowns are also used to replace teeth as part of bridges and can be mounted atop dental implants for long-lasting stability.

By covering damaged teeth with crowns, our dentist can complete multiple goals at once for patients. Cosmetic enhancement is attainable with crowns, without sacrificing durability or functionality. After getting a crown, patients should limit their exposure to staining foods, beverages and other lifestyle factors in order to sustain the cosmetic improvements this procedure gives them. At a consultation with our expert in porcelain crowns in Los Angeles, patients can find out whether crowns are the right choice for their cosmetic goals.

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