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Porcelain Dental Veneers

Porcelain Dental VeneersPorcelain dental veneers are used to cover teeth that are unattractive, damaged or unstable. The veneers are used to cover up cosmetic issues with teeth including cracks, chips, stains, and irregularities. Maybe the greatest benefit to the use of dental veneers compared to other cosmetic dental treatments is that they are one of the least-invasive procedures available. If you would like to experience all of the benefits that porcelain veneers can provide, our West Hollywood cosmetic dentist can help.


Our West Hollywood dental veneers expert explains that porcelain dental veneers are extremely durable. Dental grade porcelain is much different than the fragile porcelain often used in fine dinnerware and dolls. It is specially designed to withstand the stress of everyday use from chewing and biting. Dental grade porcelain can easily resist breaking, chipping, and staining to provide your teeth with years of long-lasting protection. Porcelain veneers are extremely thin; so they are able to fit right over your natural teeth to conceal any flaws in your smile.


Porcelain Dental Veneers West Hollywood

Many patients choose to use porcelain dental veneers as an alternative, and more permanent, solution to teeth whitening procedures that use bleaching gels. Also, the extensive preparation required by crowns and caps is not necessary with porcelain dental veneers because they are so thin. Some minor filing may be needed by our expert in porcelain veneers in West Hollywood, however, to create a rougher surface for the veneers to adhere to and so that the dentist can create a perfect fit.

Porcelain dental veneers can be colored to match the exact shade of your own natural teeth. Because the porcelain will resist staining, it is not recommended that patients with veneers on their visible teeth receive any type of tooth whitening procedure. Our West Hollywood porcelain veneers expert will use porcelain veneers that are as thin as possible while still providing the thickness needed to cover the flaws that you are trying to eliminate.

If you have teeth that are stained, damaged, gapped, crooked or have any other type of flaw, you can explore the option of using porcelain dental veneers to correct them by contacting our expert in dental veneers in West Hollywood today.

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