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Preventing Wine Stains on the Teeth

Preventing Wine Stains on the TeethAs far as items that stain your teeth are concerned, red wine is near the top of the list for items to avoid. After just a single glass, it is highly likely that your teeth will have a purple hue to them. While avoiding red wine altogether can be your best bet, this is not ideal for most people. Luckily, there are ways to prevent the wine from staining your teeth too severely if you do find yourself indulging in a glass.

There are products that are currently available that try to minimize the impact of how badly the wine will stain your teeth. One such product is the wine straw. Wine straws are act as normal straws, except they are thinner in order to prevent too much from going through at once. As a result, the wine will bypass your teeth altogether with the straw. There are also wine wipes that are currently on the market. You just wipe your teeth with them after you are finished, and a significant amount of the red residue will be removed.

There are also some other tricks you can employ. While it may seem counter-intuitive, one way to prevent wine from staining is by brushing your teeth before you drink the wine. One of the main sources the wine clings to in your mouth is the plaque. Thus, if you remove the plaque, the less likely the wine is to stick. Also, wine makes your enamel more sensitive after drinking. Therefore, brushing right after you drink can actually scrape away small amounts of enamel. Try to eat foods with high amounts of fiber, as fiber has been known to encourage saliva production. More saliva can help to wash away the severity of the stain. Dairy products, such as cheese, have also been known to produce more saliva, so combining cheese when drinking a glass of wine will help, also.

If you have teeth that have become stained due to the effects of red wine, you can always contact our teeth whitening dentist in West Hollywood to get your teeth back to their natural shade of white.


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