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Reasons for Having Your Teeth Whitened

Reasons for Having Your Teeth Whitened

A teeth whitening procedure is one of the fastest cosmetic dental options for a bright and better looking smile. In just less than an hour, you can have a sparkling smile that you love to display. Here is a look at the benefits and reasons for receiving this treatment.

Eliminate Common Stains

Most discoloration caused by coffee, tea, berries and tobacco can all be removed through a professional teeth whitening. Internal tooth stains, such as those from antibiotics and fluoride, can be addressed with other cosmetic dental procedures.

Increase Self-Confidence

An unsightly smile can reduce your self-esteem, causing you to smile less. Regaining an attractive smile can help increase your social success with friends, family and co-workers.

Look Younger

Discolored teeth can be associated with aging, and yellow teeth have been known to make a person look years older than they actually are. By whitening your smile, you can take years off of your appearance. This is faster and easier than any facelift or other plastic surgery.

Promote Better Oral Health

With a better-looking smile, you are more likely to feel motivated to take care of your teeth in the future. This can support your oral health and reduce your long-term dental expenses.

Costs Little

Teeth whitening is very affordable compared to many aesthetic treatments. The results with teeth whitening are impressive, arrive quickly and last for several months.

 A professional teeth whitening is superior to over-the-counter options in several ways. Stronger bleaching solutions, safer administration and longer-lasting results are just three reasons to have your teeth whitened at our office. If alternative treatments are required for certain stains, our dentists will explain the options thoroughly. At a consultation with our teeth whitening dentist in West Hollywood, you can learn more about the advantages of choosing this procedure.


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