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Sleep Apnea Los Angeles

Sleep Apnea Los AngelesSleep apnea is a disorder that involves interruptions of breathing while sleeping, depleting the body of oxygen and can become potentially deadly. Although some cases of sleep apnea result from damage in the parts of the brain that control breathing, that’s not the cause for most people. Many people with this disorder suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, in which the airway closes because of tissue collapse. The involvement of orofacial tissues in this disorder makes it a prime target for dental treatments. Here is more about this disorder and how our Los Angeles sleep apnea expert may treat it.

Snoring, a common symptom of tissue collapse in the airway, is often associated with sleep apnea. However, the problems caused by this disorder extend far beyond bothersome nightly noises. Each time breathing stops, the sleep apnea patient wakes up partially or completely. This prevents them from getting restorative sleep. Loss of oxygen from the body raises risks of heart attack, stroke and sudden cardiac death. It can also cause breathlessness and headaches during waking hours. Depression, poor performance and low libido frequently accompany the fatigue that sleep apnea patients experience.

Very mild sleep apnea may respond to lifestyle changes, such as wearing nasal strips to bed, avoiding alcohol and caffeine close to bedtime, and eating dinner long before going to sleep. Moderate to severe sleep apnea has traditionally been treated with CPAP, a machine that blows air into the nose through a tube as the patient sleeps. Unfortunately, many patients are unable to tolerate CPAP, and the treatment is not effective for everyone. Today, more patients are choosing dental treatments for this disorder. Our expert in sleep apnea in Los Angeles may recommend soft tissue removal or oral appliances to patients, depending on the findings of an exam.

The quality of life is often devastated by sleep apnea, but disease and death are also more likely to occur in sleep apnea patients, because of deoxygenation and a decrease in the immune function. There is no need for patients to postpone their freedom from this disorder with the variety of treatments available from our Los Angeles sleep apnea expert. At a consultation with our expert in sleep apnea in Los Angeles, patients can learn more about sleep apnea and find out about their treatment options.

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