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Smile Makeover Los Angeles

smilemakeoverlosangelesMakeovers commonly refer to improvements in multiple aspects of the skin and hair to enhance the appearance of the recipient. A smile makeover works similarly, but its goal is to boost the confidence of recipients by addressing aspects of their smile that they want to change. An impressive amount of issues can be corrected through a smile makeover, including stains and bad structure or positioning, and it is tailored to the goals of the individual. Discussing this treatment plan and the way it works can show interested patients what our Los Angeles smile makeover expert can achieve for them.

Every patient is different, which makes the uniqueness of each smile makeover essential to its success. Treatment options are vast in number and are chosen by patients based on recommendations that are given during an exam with our expert in smile makeover in Los Angeles. Teeth whitening can be used to rid the teeth of external stains, while veneers can be used to hide internal stains and structural defects, such as cracks and chips. Veneers can also conceal teeth that are incorrectly rotated and resolve improper spacing between teeth. Dental implants, dental crowns and Invisalign are three other popular choices for smile makeover patients to consider.

Los Angeles Smile Makeover

Each patient begins the smile makeover with a consultation, where their teeth are examined for issues that can be corrected or concealed. Depending on the treatments patients select, our dentist may also take X-rays, photos and bite impressions to plan their treatment. Next, our Los Angeles smile makeover expert gives patients a schedule of appointments in which their chosen procedures will be performed. This may involve a few appointments or several, but the amount of time involved is often less than if the same treatments were pursued one at a time.

Patients can regain confidence and potentially support their future oral health with many of the treatments used during a smile makeover. No two patients have the exact same cosmetic concerns, and the individualized smile makeover plan reflects this fact. Patients can schedule a consultation with our expert in smile makeover in Los Angeles to find out what this combination of treatments can do for them.

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