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TMJ Los Angeles

TMJ Los AngelesTMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, involves pain and dysfunction of the jaw joints. Although some cases of TMJ result from arthritis and other systemic joint diseases, many people develop TMJ through overuse or misuse of these joints. The early stages of TMJ are characterized by pain in or around the jaw joints, with slight clicking or grinding noises upon moving the joints. As the disorder advances, patients may experience problems opening and closing their mouth, as well as severe pain and weakness. Today, our Los Angeles TMJ expert can use a wide range of techniques to diagnose and treat this disorder so patients can reclaim normal use of their jaws.

Patients who visit our expert in TMJ in Los Angeles will have their jaw joints examined and medical history taken. Other dental problems, such as broken and eroded teeth, will also be noted as these can result from the same problems causing the TMJ. Our dentist may also use imaging techniques to see into the joints involved, such as X-rays or an MRI.

Los Angeles TMJ

TMJ may be resolved through a variety of treatments depending on the cause and severity. When the disorder is mild, patients may experience significant relief simply by sticking to soft foods and using over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications. For patients whose TMJ results from stress, meditation and other relaxation techniques can be helpful. Clinical TMJ treatments may include drugs to treat depression or anxiety, mouth guards to prevent nighttime tooth grinding and a visit to the orthodontics to permanently ease strain on the jaw joints. For severe symptoms, our Los Angeles TMJ expert may advise an array of newer techniques, such as arthrocentesis and other types of surgery.

The symptoms of TMJ may be mild initially, but they can become disabling and extremely painful if allowed to progress. For this reason, patients should visit our dentist as soon as they notice symptoms to determine the cause and to select appropriate treatment. Treatment can often result in elimination of symptoms if sought early. At a consultation with our expert in TMJ in Los Angeles, patients can learn more about TMJ and modern dental treatments for the condition.

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