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Tooth Decay and Vitamin D

Tooth Decay and Vitamin DLow levels of vitamin D have now been linked to the increased risks of tooth decay. In a recent study, researchers looked at 24 clinical studies performed between the years 1920 and 1980. While reviewing almost 3,000 children, researchers concluded that about half of all cases of tooth decay may be preventable with adequate vitamin D. This new information could have major implications for dental patients worldwide.

The Recent Study on Teeth and Vitamin D

Although the importance of vitamin D for bone health has long been accepted, the value of this nutrient in preventing cavities has remained less certain. Some studies have confirmed a link between the two, but others have found little to no association. The clinical studies recently reviewed by researchers involved raising vitamin D levels in children through cod liver oil or artificial UV radiation. The children in those studies were an average of 10 years old.

Findings and Conclusions

Dr. Michael Hollick, the head of this study, found that poor tooth eruption and increased cavity incidences were both associated with vitamin D deficiency. At the very least, this study indicates that more research on this link can be considered worthwhile. For now, children and pregnant women have plenty to gain and little to risk by getting enough vitamin D through diet or safe sun exposure.

In the end, tooth decay can cause serious problems, including tooth loss and systemic infections if it is left untreated. This new information on the value of vitamin D for teeth can overall help dental patients preserve their health. At a consultation with our expert in root canal in West Hollywood, patients can learn more about how vitamin D is linked to tooth decay.


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