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Tooth Loss and Diabetes

Preventive DentistryDentists have long known that diabetic patients are more likely to lose teeth compared to patients without the condition. Recently, a major study confirmed these observations with the finding that people with diabetes had twice the risk of losing all of their teeth compared to non-diabetics. Here is a closer look at the study from Manthan H. Patel and Mark E. Moss and what it means for diabetic patients.

The study authors examined data from 2,508 survey participants over age 50 from 2003 and 2004. While only 14 percent of non-diabetic participants had lost all of their teeth, fully 28 percent of diabetics had no teeth left. In this population, smokers and individuals who had less education and income also had a higher risk of total tooth loss. Of those who still had some teeth left, diabetics had lost 10 teeth on average while non-diabetics had lost only seven.

In concluding their study, the authors noted that about 20 percent of U.S. cases of toothlessness were associated with diabetes. The conclusions of these researchers are corroborated by other studies on the subject. Two other major studies have confirmed the link between diabetes and complete tooth loss, known clinically as edentulism.

Knowing personal risk factors, such as the presence of diabetes and prediabetes, can help patients make informed choices regarding dental care. Increased frequency of brushing, flossing and checkups is valuable for individuals placed at risk of tooth loss because of these conditions. To learn more about this connection and its solutions, patients can schedule a consultation with our expert in dental implants in West Hollywood.


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