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Top Mistakes in Dental Care

Top Mistakes in Dental Care

We all have the best intentions when it comes to keeping our teeth as healthy as possible. We might visit the dentist’s office for a dental exam as regularly as advised, brush and floss without fail, and even use mouthwash every night. Unfortunately, it is still fairly easy to make mistakes when it comes to our dental care, leading to the need for restorative care before preventive dentistry can be effective. Here are the top most common mistakes to look out for.

1) Brushing too hard. It can be instinctual to brush harder to get your teeth cleaner and whiter, but this actually does more harm than good. Brushing too forcefully can damage the enamel layer meant to protect the inner layers of our teeth. This leaves them more susceptible to plaque and harmful bacteria.

2) How long do you spend brushing your teeth each time? Maybe it is two full minutes…or maybe it just feels like two full minutes. A recent study showed that the average adult only brushes for about forty-six seconds. Use a watch or timer on your phone to make sure you’re cleaning your teeth for long enough.

3) Uneven brushing. Most patients start out enthusiastic, but run out of energy and focus quickly, meaning some areas get better brushing than others. Be sure to pay equal attention to every section of your mouth to ensure healthy teeth from one end to the other.

4) What do you usually drink before heading to bed? If it’s fruit juice, you may need to switch to something safer. Fruits and fruit juice have a lot of acids in them. Brushing with in the half hour means that these acids are rubbed up against our teeth, harming the enamel. It’s best to enjoy some water if you want to drink something before beginning your nightly routine.

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