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West Hollywood Dental Benefits Provider PPO Dental Insurance Dentist

West Hollywood Dental Benefits Provider PPO Dental Insurance DentistOur Dental Benefits Provider PPO dental insurance dentist in West Hollywood offers preventive, restorative, cosmetic and orthodontic care to area patients. By visiting us regularly for check-ups and following our recommendations, patients can support the health and appearance of their teeth. Here are the services performed by our dentist.

Our dentist performs cleanings and exams at biannual check-ups, helping prevent serious dental problems and eliminating new stains. When necessary, our dentist may also order X-rays to determine the extent of any problems that are suspected. Tooth decay, gum disease and endodontic problems can be treated on site with any of several restorative options.

Our dentist offers a wide range of cosmetic options for concealing or eliminating stains, chips, cracks and gaps from smiles. When superficial stains are present, we can reduce or eliminate them with either traditional whitening or Zoom whitening. Heavier discoloration and physical damage can be addressed with veneers, crowns or Snap-On Smile.

Dental Benefits Provider PPO Dental Insurance Provider West Hollywood

Patients who have suffered extensive damage to their teeth can receive full mouth reconstruction at our office. For each patient, our dentist develops a unique plan with specific recommendations for treatment. Dental implants, dentures or bridges may be recommended based on the presence of healthy teeth and differences in health and lifestyle.

When patients are affected by bite irregularities, our West Hollywood Dental Benefits Provider PPO dental insurance provider may recommend orthodontic treatment. While metal braces were once the standard option, Invisalign is available to patients today. Invisalign offers convenient, comfortable and virtually invisible correction of crooked teeth.

Our West Hollywood dentist treats all patients as partners in their dental care, advising them on oral hygiene and explaining all of their options. With access to our vast service selection, convenient hours and friendly staff, patients are more likely to have healthy, attractive teeth for a lifetime.

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