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West Hollywood Guardian Dental Insurance Dentist

West Hollywood Guardian Dental Insurance DentistPatients can access numerous dental services at our Guardian dental insurance dentist in West Hollywood. With a focus on prevention in addition to restoration and cosmetic enhancement, our dentist ensures that patients can visit one location for all of their dental treatment. Below is more about the service options offered at our office.

The general dental care we provide patients includes comprehensive exams and a variety of restorative procedures. At biannual check-ups, our dentist looks for signs of oral health problems and may use X-rays for closer inspection of oral tissues. To help patients protect themselves, our dentist also offers advice on proper brushing and flossing techniques. Restorations, including fillings, bonding and crown placement, are performed as necessary.

Guardian Dental Insurance Provider West Hollywood

Our dentist focuses on keeping the gums healthy to help patients avoid tooth loss and infection. When gum disease is in its early or moderate stages, our dentist may recommend scaling and root planing and anti-microbial rinses. Severe periodontitis may be addressed with root canal surgery options, such as pocket reduction and bone and gum grafting.

Our West Hollywood Guardian dental insurance provider performs endodontic procedures to help patients keep teeth that have become infected or damaged. Although most pulp infections can be addressed with standard root canal treatment, root canal surgery may be recommended for more severe infections, re-infected teeth and patients with special circumstances. With teeth remaining in place, patients avoid tooth loss as well as the need for tooth replacements, which can be more costly.

Several cosmetic treatment options are available to patients whose teeth have imperfections such as stains, chips and uneven spacing. Depending on symptoms and severity, our West Hollywood cosmetic dentist may recommend teeth whitening, veneers, crowns or other treatments. In many cases, these treatments also help protect teeth from future damage.

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