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West Hollywood Safeguard Healthy Family Dental Insurance Dentist

West Hollywood Safeguard Healthy Family Dental Insurance DentistA full selection of cosmetic, restorative and preventive treatments awaits area patients who visit our Safeguard Healthy dental insurance dentist in West Hollywood. With so many options in one place, dental well-being is made easier for patients who value good looks and health. Here is more about the treatment options offered at our office.

The latest cosmetic procedures, including veneers, Lumineers, crowns and teeth whitening, are available to our aesthetically minded patients. Whether teeth are marred by cracks, stains, chips or gaps, these treatments can be used to restore appearance and confidence. Although many of these options offer permanent positive alterations, Snap On Smile from our cosmetic dentist gives patients temporary cosmetic improvement that can be worn at will.

Safeguard Healthy Family Dental Insurance Provider West Hollywood

Restorative procedures of several types can be used to repair teeth affected by damage from physical trauma, oral health problems or accidents. Used in a timely manner, restorative care can help protect patients against long-term complications while also eliminating pain and other short-term symptoms. Available restorations include tooth-colored fillings, inlays, onlays and crowns.

Patients are better protected against oral health problems with routine preventive strategies used by our West Hollywood Safeguard Healthy dental insurance provider. At biannual check-ups, our dentist performs exams and checks the mouth for signs of oral and systemic health problems. Thorough cleaning and fluoride application helps protect against cavities and gingivitis.

In addition to the above treatments, our West Hollywood dentist offers dental care for sleep apnea, TMJ disorders, endodontic problems and more. Modern techniques and equipment are used with personalized treatment plans, supporting optimal results for all of our patients. A consultation with our dentist can be scheduled by patients who want to learn more about the wide variety of options available at our office.

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