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West Hollywood United Health Care Dental Insurance Dentist Provider

West Hollywood United Concordia Dental Insurance Dentist ProviderFor a wide range of aesthetic, preventive and restorative dental treatments, area patients can visit our United Health Care dental insurance dentist in West Hollywood. Our dentist is focused on individuals, creating an environment in which patients can relax and enjoy the process of gaining optimal oral health and appearance. By learning more about the procedures available at our office, patients can be better prepared for a consultation with our dentist to discuss the results they seek.

Prevention of future oral health problems and restoration of current ones can be accomplished through several treatments that our dentist provides. For example, routine exams include X-rays and visual inspections to identify problems and indicate treatments when necessary. Cleanings and fluoride treatments are used at check-ups to help guard the teeth and gums of patients. Fillings, crowns, tooth replacements and root canal procedures are also offered for teeth that are damaged or infected.

Cosmetic care is valuable for patients who want to look as attractive as they can through modern dental technology. Discoloration, improper position and structural damage can be addressed through the right cosmetic procedures. Teeth that have external stains can be treated with whitening procedures from our cosmetic dentist in West Hollywood, and teeth that have internal discoloration can be concealed with permanent veneers or crowns. Invisalign can be used to discreetly correct asymmetrical or crooked smiles. When teeth are cracked, chipped, broken or misshapen, they can be bonded with composite resin or concealed with veneers or crowns.

Several other services, including TMJ and sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment, are also available to patients who visit our office. Our broad selection of procedures helps give patients a complete package of orofacial well-being. For more information about the treatments we offer, patients can schedule a consultation with our West Hollywood United Health Care dental insurance provider.

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