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When Root Canals are Helpful

When Root Canals are Helpful

Root canal treatment has two main objectives: remove decay and infection, and then remove the tissue that resides in the middle of our teeth called pulp. Pulp exists in the middle of our teeth to send pain signals to our brain to indicate a problem. It is contained in small canals that run through the middle of our teeth, through their roots, into our gums and jaw. That is why the process is called root canal treatment.

Root canals become necessary for a variety of reasons, including:

• A deep cavity that has penetrated into the pulp.
• A cracked or broken tooth, resulting in no protection from enamel.
• An injury to the tooth, even if a crack is not noticeable to the naked eye.
• Repeated dental procedures on that tooth.

Inflamed and diseased pulp is difficult to treat, but it can be rather easily removed. Luckily, the pulp, while necessary for the development of the tooth, is not actually needed in a fully erupted tooth. Removing it causes no health concerns and will only make your life easier by no longer feeling pain in that tooth.

However, although root canals prevent pain signals from being sent to the brain, that does not mean that problems do not still exist in that tooth. You simply will not feel the pain, meaning that without a dental exam, a dental issue can spread until it has become a much more significant problem. Therefore, it is very important to make and keep your twice yearly dental exams so any problems can be caught early.

To learn more about root canal therapy, or to diagnose any potential tooth problems you may be experiencing, contact our root canal dentist in West Hollywood to schedule an appointment.


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