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Whitening the Teeth Too Much Can Damage Them

Whitening the Teeth Too Much Can Damage Them

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest cosmetic dental options available. Still, it can damage teeth if it is performed too frequently. Here is a look at the ways excessive teeth whitening can harm the teeth and how patients can avoid this problem.

Peroxide Whiteners and Damage

Professional teeth whitening compounds are based on peroxides. Although these compounds are stronger than those found in store-bought whitening kits, they are unlikely to cause damage when used properly. If patients undergo professional teeth whitening too often, however, their tooth enamel may wear thin. Sensitivity to foods and drinks that are hot, cold, sweet or sour may result. Fortunately, this problem tends to go away after a short time.

Avoiding Damage from Teeth Whitening

Patients vary in terms of how often they can receive teeth whitening without having their teeth damaged. Whereas some patients can receive whitening treatments every few months indefinitely, others may have chronic teeth sensitivity with such a routine. Our dentist can advise individuals on their whitening plans based on what is found during an exam. For patients prone to sensitivity after whitening procedures, our dentist can finish these visits with an application of fluoride to the teeth.

Professional teeth whitening is based on peroxides that can cause damage. However, such damage tends to be mild and is often preventable. Furthermore, office whitening is certainly safer than regular use of abrasive home whitening products. Patients can schedule a consultation with our teeth whitening dentist to learn more about teeth whitening damage and how to avoid it.


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