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Whitening Your Sensitive Teeth

Whitening Your Sensitive TeethGetting a teeth whitening is a fast way to improve your smile, but you may be wary of whitening treatments if you are prone to tooth sensitivity. Fortunately, a number of options can brighten your smile without leaving you feeling unable to tolerate hot, cold, sweet or sour foods and drinks. Here is a look at your options in this situation.

How Treatments Differ for Sensitive Teeth

Teeth whitening options can be divided into two rough categories: abrasive and bleaching. Although some over-the-counter whitening products bleach teeth with peroxides, many contain abrasive substances that work by grinding away discolored enamel. For example, many over-the-counter contain baking soda. Naturally, this can cause or worsen tooth sensitivity. Professional whitening uses peroxides that are stronger than those included in store-bought products, but having supervision and greater control over the process minimizes the risks of damage.

Why Professional Advice Is Valuable

Our dentist can examine your teeth and determine why your tooth sensitivity is occurring so that appropriate whitening options can be recommended. In some cases, patients may benefit from bonding or fluoride treatments after to resolve the sensitivity. Other patients may simply need to avoid having their teeth whitened too frequently.

A number of in-office teeth whitening options exist. While formulas and activation methods vary between options, some of them are more appropriate for individuals whose teeth are sensitive. For example, Zoom whitening allows for post-treatment fluoride to prevent sensitivity and speed recovery afterwards. If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, you can schedule a consultation with our expert in teeth whitening in West Hollywood to find out how you can brighten your smile comfortably.


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