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Why Drinking Too Many Energy Drinks is Bad for the Teeth

Why Drinking Too Much Energy Drinks is Bad for the Teeth

Most patients know that too much sugar is bad for their teeth. However, many do not realize that some sugary products, such as energy drinks, can be especially bad. Here is a look at why these products are so destructive to teeth when they are over-consumed.

Studies on Tooth Damage From Energy Drinks

Researchers have already found that energy drinks are linked with dental erosion, which puts teeth at greater risk of decay. In fact, energy drinks were found to be more damaging than fruit juices or soft drinks. As a result, sports scientists have become concerned about the popularity of these products among athletes.

Tooth Erosion and Decay

Normally, tooth enamel protects teeth against routine exposure to acids from food and bacteria. When some enamel is lost, the body can repair it. Unfortunately, heavier enamel loss, such as can occur from heavy energy drink consumption, can remove so much enamel that cavities can develop far more easily.

Repair Options

Avoiding excessive energy drink consumption is wise for dental health, but patients can also visit our dentist for treatment if their teeth have already sustained damage. Several cosmetic options are available, including veneers, crowns, bonding and tooth-colored fillings. Teeth whitening is also available for simple discoloration.

Energy drinks are among the many threats to oral health that are common today. Minimizing consumption is worthwhile, but treatment is also available after damage has already been done. Patients can contact our dentist to learn more about the effects of energy drinks on tooth enamel.

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