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Why Wisdom Teeth are Removed

Why Wisdom Teeth are Removed

Before modern oral hygiene, people used to lose their teeth regularly. At the time, having a new tooth grow in when they were in the teens or twenties was often a good thing. It gave them a fresh start on a set of teeth that had no decay. And while they were growing in, they would push the remaining existing teeth closer together.

Today, however, wisdom teeth are more often than not problematic. This is because we keep our teeth longer, and rarely lose them by the early age that they start to come in. As a result, a number of problems can come from their eruption that only begins with the crowding of the teeth. For example, if wisdom teeth have no place to grow into, they might force themselves into the surrounding jaw bone. This is a huge problem, as they will impact themselves there and cause significant pain and infections.

There is certainly nothing wrong having your wisdom teeth grow in. And if they are able to grow in without problems, a dentist will be more than happy to let them. Unfortunately, this is regularly not the case. Dentists will recommend the removal of wisdom teeth if they are concerned about any of the following.

Likelihood or Presence of Pain
If you have been experiencing pain or discomfort in the back of your mouth, this might be a sign that the wisdom teeth need to be removed. Even before they grown in, with the use of x-rays, dentists can usually identify if this will likely become an issue.

Wisdom teeth often do not come in at the correct angle for them to be useful to us. Dentists can identify this problem easily with an x-ray well before they come in. If they are not removed before they start moving, serious complications can result, including infection and impaction, both of which will likely be seriously painful.

If you have all of your teeth or your mouth is not large enough to support the extra ones, the existing teeth will be pushed together and begin to cause problems. They will start to move in directions that could upset your bite, or simply just make your teeth need orthodontic work. This can also make dental hygiene more difficult, causing more decay.

Talk to our expert in wisdom teeth removal in West Hollywood to find out if wisdom teeth removal would be in your best interests.


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