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Why You Should Not Skip Breakfast

Why You Should Not Skip BreakfastBreakfast is often criticized as being a cause of cavities due to the fact that many people eat sugary cereals at this meal. While sugar is known to contribute to decay, skipping breakfast is actually worse for your teeth. A study published by the American Dental Association found that kids who skip breakfast have a 250-percent higher risk of tooth decay compared to those who eat this first meal of the day.

The present study looked at more than 4,000 children between the ages of two and five from affluent American families. While few people would recommend choosing high-sugar cereals over more healthy alternatives, this study found that even those who did eat such foods for breakfast were less likely to have cavities when compared to those who failed to eat breakfast.

This finding may involve the hormone cortisol, which involves the breaking down of tissues, including the teeth, and is highest in the morning. Breakfast, and particularly carbohydrates, shuts down the morning rush of cortisol and provides materials for bodily repair instead. With a combination of carbohydrates and mineral-rich foods, such as fruit and milk, children may further reduce their risk of tooth decay.

The same study from the ADA found that kids who ate five servings of fruit and vegetables each day had healthier teeth compared to those who did not. By taking care to eat breakfast, the most important meal of the day, patients can help minimize their risk of tooth decay. Patients can learn more about the importance of breakfast for dental health at a consultation with our dentist in West Hollywood.


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